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Arlette Thomas-Fletcher, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, is a woman of God, with a unique gift for praising God through inspirational expressions. At an early age, Arlette began writing and found writing to be a deliverance from many trails and tribulations. Arlette is the owner of Shining Bright Productions where her inspirational books and poetry and other inspirational products are produced and marketed to the public and retail sector. Arlette also has written many inspirational motivational books, which she is, will be publishing soon. She is the author of Christian Love Behavior Training Resource Guide, an inspirational book for Christian church members and leaders in the church. This book can be used as a guide or training resource for love behavior in the church. Arlette also teaches workshops on Christian love behavior for local churches.


She has developed and written articles for newsletters. Her poems have been published in newspapers and she has contributed informative articles for newspapers. She developed a newsletter called Inspirational Spotlight to inspire and encourage Christians everywhere. She was a producer and host of a radio broadcast called The Inspirational Poetry Corner on WJRO AM in her hometown of Baltimore.

Arlette is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. She is a graduate of Family Bible Ministries Institute, Seminary, and College with a Bachelors of Arts in Christian Education and a graduate of the Coppin State College with a Bachelors of Science in Management Science in Economics. Mrs. Thomas-Fletcher earned the International Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Honor Society, Debating team, Mayoral Citation, Dean's list, and merit awards. She has frequently been engaged as a lecturer, orator, and vocalist at colleges, universities, faith organizations and poetry readings. Arlette is married and has two sons.

If you are interested in having her come and perform poetry or a Christian Love Behavior workshop at your church, college, etc. go to send us your request today!


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