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Poetry For The Soul

Inspirational Christian Poetry


Each Poem is accompanied by a scripture verse
(King James Bible Version)

Spiritually energized Poetry!!!
Arlette Thomas-Fletcher
Paperback/Shining Bright Productions Inc.

Our Price: $12.95

Packed with inspirational, uplifting, encouraging words and phrases..

It's a Great gift for family or friends...

A keepsake for teens and adults...

Poetry for the Soul will stir your spirit and lift your heart buy it today!

Here are some reviews

"This contemporary African-American poetess allows the Holy Spirit to jumpstart her talent, creating deep, rich, ethereal verse that touches and penetrates the very soul."
-----Brenda Warfield Williams, Playwright

"Arlette's poetry is uplifting and a joy to experience."
----Steve Lawhon, WRBS Radio-Operations Manager

"With her strong belief in God, Arlette through this book, helps one to understand the true meaning of -We've come this far by faith"
----Joanne M. Martin, Ph.D., Co-Founder-The Great Blacks In Wax Museum, Inc.

"Although life may seem to be a solitary journey, works of art like Poetry for the Soul, remind us that we are not walking alone, that others have walked this path before us, some are walking with us and some are following in our footsteps."
----Swakuu Karim, Co-Chair of Burden Bearer Ministry-Calvery Baptist Church

"I found her work to be inspiring and gives a sense of hope as well as solace to the reader"

-----Thomas Nappi, Graphic Designer - Department of Human Resources



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