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Shining Bright Production's Mission Statement

Shining Bright Productions Inc. is family owned Christian entertainment, inspirational communications, media, publishing, and inspirational retailing business. Shining Bright Productions consist of the works of the founder and owner Arlette Thomas-Fletcher who is a Christian writer, poetic Christian entertainer, playwright, and screenwriter. She has been blessed by God with a diversity of talent and gifts and wants to share them with God's people in the most humble way she knows how. Shining Bright Productions intends to inspire God's people by merchandising products with inspirational phases and scriptures from the Bible. Inspirational books, entertainment, publishing services of Christian books, and promoting local artist from Baltimore Maryland and throughout the country. Shining Bright has many products under development, which will be online for you to purchase soon. Some of the products under construction such are a new inspirational poetry book, CD, T-shirts, greeting cards, calendars, posters, and framed and matted works.

The vision/mission of Shining Bright Productions is to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ all over the country beginning with Baltimore, Maryland and then the world. This will be accomplished by sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through poetic Christian entertainment, Inspirational books, workshops, and products that encourage and uplift God's people. Inspirational Spotlight the free newsletter that you can receive online is a tool that God has given Shining Bright Productions to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and allow other Christians to share and spread the gospel as God inspires them by the Holy Spirit. The Inspirational screensavers are another way to spread the Gospel and are apart of the upcoming new inspirational poetry book.

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